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Tyre Hub Ja was formed with the vision of ensuring a seamless experience for consumers in purchasing and acquiring their New Tyres.


Looking for your perfect rim? Browse our wide selection of alloy rims for your best fit.


We offer a wide range of Tyre types and Tyre sizes, delivered right to you!

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Delivery & Pickup

Delivery & Pickup

Tyre Hub Ja offers delivery to your residence or to an authorized drop off point near you. We will always ensure that your tyres get to you on...

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Wide Range of Options

Wide Range of Options

Our tyre and rim shop offers a wide selection of tyres and rims to fit your needs. Find durable, popular and reliable brands such as Roadshine...

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After Sale Support

After Sale Support

Our customer service team will always ensure you will be able to reach someone to discuss your issues and have them resolved in the quickly and...

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Fast & Convenient Delivery

We will ensure that your tyres delivered to you on time and correctly.

Largest Range

We offer a large range of tyre options to suit your budget and need.

Customer Service

Our customer service team is always ready to help you.

Easy Online Payment Options

Pay online with your credit card/visa debit card or cash on delivery...

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